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    Scambaiting photos

    Was going through my photobucket account and thought I might share some of the stuff I got from scammers. It ain't much, but to be honest I prefer going for bank accounts over pics.

    We'll start off with the Stanley collection. This collection, recently appraised at over $5,000,000, is courtesy of Stanley, aka "Captain Insanity." Had him as a pet for about 11 months. Please take a minute to admire the ridiculous wig.

    A poster on 419eater asked for this pic:

    Pics of him proving to me that he got the shit kicked out of him in Lagos (He was sent there to pick up a shipment of computers that Imp3demnt Shipping managed to screw up. They screw up a lot of packages. It's a wonder they are still in business).

    Now Stanley, sans silly wig

    Now we move onto Dan, the laziest scammer in the World. I sent him a prostitute and he wouldn't even go to the hotel to meet her. He wanted her to come to his house. In these pics he is proving to me that it was his tongue print on the anti-terrorist form he filled out. As a side note, I once had Stanley go to Dan's house and kidnap him. Stanley released him after 30 minutes, telling me that he was too stupid to mastermind the theft of his computers. Gotta give Stanley credit for that one. Dan is too dumb to mastermind the tying of his own shoes.

    Here was his first attempt at providing me evidence that it was his tongue

    It was so shitty that I had to call him on it and demand a written apology

    Dan as prisoner 24601

    Faith, the love scammer, providing necessary pics for her inheritance. I have no idea who the dude is with her.

    As proof of her inheritance she had to write out the email correspondence she had with the deceased. Not going to post all the pages, but here is one.

    Some of the S.H.I.T. forms lads have to fill out to join my church. They are tough to read, but you get the idea

    And finally, a completed P3nfold and Associates form. Again, tough to read

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