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    More fun with Scammers - Penfold the Attorney

    I rather like this one. A guy on the 419 board was doing a romance bait and needed an imaginary lawyer. I was happy to step in. His characters name is Randy, and his fiance in Nigeria is named Faith. Randy is quite rich, and he offered to send faith a new luxury car, but she thought it would be easier if he just sent her the cash. They have fallen in love, and his best friend Penfold (me) has gotten involved. My emails are in black, hers are in blue:

    Dearest Ms. Faith

    Good afternoon. My name is William J. Penfold, and I am the personal attorney for Mr. Randy Parks. I do believe that Mr. Parks has spoken to you about me. Allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your engagement to Mr. Parks (or "Randy" as I like to call him). I look forward to the upcoming wedding, and I'm sure that in no time at all the Parks mansion will be alive with the pitter-patter of little baby Parks's (that was a joke).

    Ms. Faith (you don't mind if I call you Ms. Faith, do you?), Randy has told me so much about you I feel like I know you already. I am so glad that you came into Randy's life. You see, in addition to being Mr. Parks's lawyer I am also his close personal friend, and I do so enjoy seeing him happy. You have made him very happy, and for that I thank you.

    Ms. Faith, I do so hope that you and Randy will live out the rest of your life together as man and wife, but the cold truth of the matter is that in the United States alone 53.74% of all marriages lead to divorce. Studies have shown that marriage is the major cause of divorce. For that reason I am forced to address the rather touchy subject of the pre-nuptial agreement that Mr. Parks sent over to you for your review and signature. Have you had a chance to read that over and sign it yet? I do need you to forward me a signed copy just as quick as possible. Yesterday would be great ..... hahahahahaha (that was another joke!).

    Ms. Faith, are you represented by counsel in this matter, and have you had a chance for your counsel to review the document that Mr. Parks sent you? Please have your lawyer contact me concerning any questions on the document. I do realize that both you and Mr. Parks truly believe that you have found true love, but my job is to make sure that the interests of Mr. Parks is well represented, and I do have to inform you that we cannot proceed any further with money transfers or wedding plans or anything else until the pre-nuptial document is agreed upon and signed by both parties.

    I hope you realize that I am just doing my job, and I'm sure that in the years to come we will all sit around the dinner table and have many a chuckle over this whole affair. However, this matter must be taken care of immediately.

    Kindly have your lawyer contact me at [email protected] and we can hash this whole nasty business out. After all, that's what us lawyers are for, right! (another joke!).

    With warmest regards and best wishes

    William J. Penfold

    Attorney at Law

    Hello Mr. William,

    Thanks for you email, anyway my Crown has already told me much about what and he also told me that you are not only an attorney alone but you are also our family friend, so i have known you before now through my lovely husband, yes i must give my lovely husband children as i wish to.

    No, don't call me Ms Faith, always call me Mrs. Randy, don't be surprise because i and Randy is not yet married Legally, but i know it will happen, so please always call me Mrs. Randy. You are welcome i appreciate your commend.

    Yes, my promise to him is to live with him as a Wife for the rest of my life. Oh what a pity, that is nonsense there is no such divorce here in Nigeria if you do Traditional Marriage, in fact women of culture don't like to divorce anyway that is American problem they are fund of divorce, why are they use to divorce? anyway i love my Sweet Randy that is why i want to marry him and i don't think we can divorce, so please erase that in your mind okay, although you have to do your job but don't treat me like an American girl, treat me like an Africa, we have a lot of home training and respect here in Africa because it is in our Culture. More so i have not sign the documents yet because i felt that my Husband should pay my dowry which is compulsory first according to our tradition here but since you said without that you can't carry out your job, anyway i will sign and send a copy to you today, mind you all this should be done when i arrive to My husband but it seems you doubt me and i hate this, please don't upset me by trying to do your job, i could even tell you that i will sign all this when i get to my husband.

    I am not represented by anyone i will do all that myself, i don't have money to higher any Lawyer, didn't your friend tell you that i am so poor? Anyway my Family is my Witness and i need Randy to fulfill his promise over our discussion about my Family.

    Don't say that if i don't do the signing we can not proceed because i am not suppose to sign yet because Randy has not paid my dowry and all other things i told him, he must do all this first so that my Family will be happy and rest assured that he his ready to marry me, we don't so much believe in other people cultures here, what we believe in is love and trust, i and Randy has be for so long and we know each other very well so i don't think something bad can happen to anyone in this case, anyway i have no Lawyer, it is the rich ones that have Lawyers here, Once again my Lawyer will be our Elders here and they need Randy to pay my Dowry and settle them on time before i can do anything with him, I love my Sweet Randy so much but we have to settle the Elders first then i will do all this you ask me to do, please do not be upset but try to understand what our culture, tradition and custom request for, i hope you understand?

    I know that you are doing your job but in this case try to be considerate and don't treat me like someone you don't know just treat me as if you know me, so cooperate with me so that i and my Sweet Randy' dream can come true.

    I told you earlier that i don't have a Lawyer, so no one will be contacting you on my behalf, so talk to me alone, and i will always feed you back with whatever my Family say about this, but for Love sake i will sign the Document so that everything can be faster
    as i wish to be with my love as soon as possible.

    My Crown told me that he will be traveling and will be back in next few days, so he said you will be the one to send money on his behalf to avoid waste of time, is it true?

    Extend my greeting to my Sweet Randy.

    From Mrs. Randy Parks

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    Dearest Ms. Faith

    It was so delightful to hear from you. I do hope you understand why I cannot yet address you as Mrs. Randy. You two are not yet married, and from a legal standpoint, as demonstrated in DeMotta v. Robinson, my addressing you as Mrs. Randy proir to the completion of the nuptials could be interpreted by the courts as Randy's wife (see DeMotta v. Robinson, 6th superior court, NYNY, 1984). I cannot do that yet, as the matter of the pre-nuptial wedding agreement and dowry have not yet been properly negotiated.

    Ms. Faith, it warms the cuckold this old heart to see the love that you and Randy have for each other. My friend Randy has been hurt in the past when it comes to romance, and to see him so happy makes me happy. He's like a schoolboy; jumping and prancing around. He always has a smile on his face, and this puts a smile on my face. Just the other night I had him over to the house, and when I asked him how he truly felt about you he started hopping up and down on the couch, and yelling "I love her! I love her!".

    While I'm sure you two will be very happy in your lives together I must remind you that we need to get the legal stuff out of the way before the wedding proceeds any further. I realize that your customs are different than ours, but I view this as a blending of customs. Ms. Faith, I'm afraid that the pre-nuptial agreement must be solidified before any wedding or dowry is presented. This is a deal breaker. I'm sorry to be so cold, but I've got my lawyers hat on now (that was a joke) and I'm afraid that these things must be done.

    Ms. Faith, it is customary in our country for both parties to agree to present a dowry to the families as a show of good faith prior to any formal engagement. What are you planning to present to Mr. Parks in the form of a dowry? I understand that you do not have much money, and Mr. Parks does not want money (lord knows he's got enough of that! another joke!), but you can make a dowry in the forms of things that you do have. Farm animals can be a perfectly acceptable dowry. Use your imagination. You must present something to give to Mr. Parks, just as he will present a dowry to you and your family. This item needs to be negotiated at once, as it is also a deal breaker.

    Ms. Faith, have you registered online yet for your wedding presents? Might I suggest this site:


    You sign up on this site, pick out the things that you would like, and people purchase them for you as wedding presents. I highly recommend the site. Tiffany's of New York is one of the top jewlery companies in the world, and they can even arrange to have the gifts sent directly to you prior to the ceremonies for your review and approval.

    Ms. Faith I need you to review the pre-nuptial agreement and send a signed copy of said agreement back to me as quickly as possible. I need that signed agreement from you yesterday (a joke!). At this point we can go no further in the wedding negotiations until I receive that signed agreement.

    To recap, I need the following from you:

    1) A signed copy of the pre-nuptial agreement

    2) A preliminary proposal of the dowry you will proving Mr. Parks

    Please contact me if you have any questions. And thank you again for making my good friend Randy so very, very happy.

    William J. Penfold
    Attorney at Law

    Dear Mr. William,

    Attached is the Agreement, my uncle is my Witness because he is the family representative and he signed the document, although he is an illiterate but i put him through, so just don't stress me as my Crown will not be happy if you stress me too much,mind you there is nothing i don't know about Randy so you don't need to repeat anything to me, like his ex-girlfriend okay because i already knows all that and that make me promise Randy that such can never happen again because i love him from my heart which i have prove to him.

    So please just understand me as my Crown always do, advice if this is okay so that i can get back to you on how to get the money my Crown ask you to wire to me, because of time because i and my crown have concluded on certain things and he already to me in his last email that he has arrange $40,000 which will be sent to me as soon as i sign the documents.

    I can wait to meet my Crown, i need to show him love and cook for him, please help me call my Crown and tell him to email me although he told me he will be on business trip and he will get back to me when he comes back but i know you can connect to him, so tell him to check his email that iam so eager to read his email.

    Get back to me as soon as possible.

    Miss Faith,

    Randy's Queen.

    More to come.

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    well it took you long enough

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    Dear William,

    I understand your email, anyway i and Randy knows what is better for us, although i have not disputed you. please i will be sending back the signed documents soon, so i am waiting for you so that i can instruct you on how to send the $40,000 which Randy ask you to send to me.

    More so about the Dowry we will talk about that later just let me get to my Family first.


    She really loves him. The money doesn't mean a thing.

    Ms. Faith

    Perhaps I didn't make myself clear in my last message. I apologize for that. I cannot send any money until I receive your preliminary vews on the pre-nuptial agreement, a signed pre-nuptial agreement, and the dowry for both parties are agree upon. Like I told you earlier, this is a deal breaker.

    Ms. Faith, I have power of attorney over all of the dealings my friend Randy has. My job is to advise Randy on what is the best for him, and he listens to my advice. I have full control over all of Mr. Parks finances, and we must do things the correct way.

    I await your initial dowry offer.


    William J. Penfold

    Attorney at Law

    Dear William,

    I have just sent you the Signed documents which you requested for, so check your email now.

    More so about the dowry,i already told Randy that $10,000 will be okay for that because my Family will use the money to buy all the neccessary African foods and things which will be use for the traditional marriage prayer because Africa believe in prayer from parent when getting married, so i hope you understand this because i already told Randy, i thought he would have told you all this.

    Finally we both agreed that he will send $100,000 family so that they can share it and use it to takecare of theirselves since i will be leaving for United State and will not come back to them again as a married woman, you can ask all this from Randy, he already promised me all this because he knows that my Family is poor here and he want to help them so that they can finally release me to him,so no need to waste time on this because Randy already knows all this, i think you can ask more from him.

    I am missing my Randy just tell him to email me, i can wait any longer.


    Randy's Queen.

    Ms. Faith

    You indicated to me that your uncle was illiterate. Regardless of what you meant by that word, the fact is that he cannot now be a witness to your signature. The law lends no wriggle room here. Is that clear? You need to complete the form again and find a different person to be a witness. Is that clear?

    I have been very clear with you on everything but you seem to be ignoring me. Either that or you are not fully reading what I am sending you. In America the custom is that a man gives a dowry to the family of the woman, and the woman gives a dowry to the family of the man. I must insist that this custom be followed in this case. You need to provide a dowry to Mr. Parks. Is that clear? The dowry does not have to be in the form of money, but may be in the form of other tangible assets. I am open to discussing both Mr. Parks's dowry to you, as well as your dowry to him. Please let me know what you have that you could present as a dowry. This can be clothes, farm animals, jewelry or even a personalized drawing or art work. Do you understand?

    Is that clear?

    If you would like to register at Tiffany's please try again. All that is required is a valid email address. Is that clear?

    I do not wish to confuse you, but I want to make sure you understand that the things I am requesting are deal breakers and must be completed prior to any marriage or dowry payment. Is that clear?

    Dear William,

    I did not mean that he is not Knowledgeable, what i mean by Illiterate is that is local but he can read and write so note that, he is a village man but he went to school, that is all i mean sorry if that confuses you, i am suppose to say that he is not exposed.

    Okay i am trying to register now but I can not register what you ask me to register because it did not accept my registration because i am filling it with Nigeria information or which information should i use? Could you please help me register and give me password also I will send all the information needed to register for it if you ask for, I am confused, also the dowry you are talking about is not clear to me, it is only man that pays dowry here in Nigeria, so clarify things to me, i don't have money to pay dowry, only man pays dowry here.

    Do your job on time because i am so eager to meet with my Husband, plus explain things thoroughly to me okay. I am on computer now and we muct finalise everything today

    Randy's Queen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beakumhawks View Post

    Ms. Faith, I do so hope that you and Randy will live out the rest of your life together as man and wife, but the cold truth of the matter is that in the United States alone 53.74% of all marriages lead to divorce. Studies have shown that marriage is the major cause of divorce. For that reason I am forced to address the rather touchy subject of the pre-nuptial agreement that Mr. Parks sent over to you for your review and signature. Have you had a chance to read that over and sign it yet? I do need you to forward me a signed copy just as quick as possible. Yesterday would be great ..... hahahahahaha (that was another joke!).

    I LOL'd at this

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    Perhaps you've answered this before...but, are these guys not aware of guys like you? or is it just blind greed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Norris View Post
    Perhaps you've answered this before...but, are these guys not aware of guys like you? or is it just blind greed?
    Both. A good baiter can lure them in though so they lose track of the fact that they may be getting played. Just like a good scammer can do to their victims. We put this gal through hell.

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    I've left out the next couple of weeks of emails, as to be honest they were pretty boring. Just Faith whining about not getting her dowry yet and me reminding her that she needed to send hers first. We finally settled on her sending some authentic African charcoal drawings of Randy and Penfold.

    But of course she will need money to send them....

    Dear William,

    You can include your picture so that i can make the Drawing 3 since you will help Frame it when it arrive, also i hope all this will not cost me a lot of money because i will be selling my computer tomorrow and get the drawing done so i will then plan on how to mail them, also how many days do you think it will take the Drawing to deliver, anyway i will like to use express delivery service or what do you think?

    After all the quarrelling, i later settled with you just because you get my weaking point, i hate anyone who said i don't love Randy because i know he loves me so i also love him, i don't want to break his heart as i also don't want him to break my heart.

    So what else do you want me to do so that you can know i really love MY SWEET RANDY?

    I can not wait any longer since this will make you release my dowry so that i can come over to meet my love.

    I hope all this is clear to you and i hope you now believe that i really love MY SWEET RANDY


    As you can tell, by this point she is pissing me off. I don't understand what Randy ever saw in her. She is also bitching about me to Randy behind my back.

    Dear William,

    Please let me be okay, if that is Randy tradition, then my own Tradition also demand for Husband dowry first, so leave everything, i will only talk to my love here and maybe our marriage can be cancel if the problem continue, you talk as if you know my country more than i do, i said that courier service will collect more than 70$ just rest if you don't know what to say again.

    There is no how we will not leave this marriage because you always think Nigeria is like America, things are not easy here, maybe i will post the computer on Ebay and see when they will buy it, all your suggestion will take time to execute so therefore just remain who you are and stop emailling me, if you were to speak if any of my relative they will say more than i have said they will take my dowry first before anything because that is our tradition also ask anybody but i am just be patient because i love Randy that is why i don't want to rush him.

    If not that you are my Crown's friend i would have course you but you are not only an attorney but you are also his friend that is why i am still respecting you, i don't need any 3 laptops because i will come over soon as 3 laptops has nothing to do in this case, but what we should think of is a solution and my final word is that i am presenting my dowry on my arrival.PERIOD


    You can't just go around making up traditions. Things don't work that way. I understand that Nigeria is not like America, but I also know that it will not take $100 to mail two hand drawn pictures. You do not need to get the pictures framed. I will get them framed when they arrive in America. This will save you on some of the shipping costs. I have mailed many documents bigger than the pictures I asked you to send and it didn't cost me anywhere near $100.

    I think you're just starting to make things up now because you don't really love my friend Randy and just want to take advantage of him. If you really loved my friend Randy you would provide this dowry. I am beginning to think that you are just after his money. Shame on you.

    William J. Penfold

    Attorney at Law

    Here's a photo of Penfold that I sent her:
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    These people can be damn frustrating to deal with

    Dear William,

    Why do you like to insult me?

    Anyway i would want you to appologise to me now, as i have gooen all i need to do what you need, so appologise, more so i want to use this opportunity to tell you that i am not what you called me i am for real and i have prove it to Randy so now i will prove it to you also, you will get what you need from me but i need an appology from you first.

    I still love and care for Randy.

    You are not poor. You are not rich. You are of average wealth. What you are is an internet 419 scammer that is too lazy to do even the most menial task. You would have taken Randy for all that he has if I hadn't stepped in.

    Randy had $40k ready to wire to you. I told him to wait and see if you came through with the dowry, as that would prove that you weren't an evil piece of shit scumwad asslicking slug after only his money. Turns out I was right.

    No dowry no marriage. No dowry no money. No dowry no nothing. Hell, you can't even manage the energy to get a photo of yourself dressed as a nurse taken. That's how lazy you are.

    William J. Penfold
    Attorney at Law

    Randy wanted a pic of her dressed as a nurse, but she couldn't even do thatShe needed a good slap, so I thought I would give her one.

    Dear William,

    Oh! good anyway i promised to do that because i wish but destiny warrant the undone of the promises, so please do what you want to do and call me anything after all i can not kill myself i have tried and nothing comes out because if i kill myself Randy will definitely find someone else to marry and as i can see in your words you are not really happy with my marriage with Randy so please tell your friend whatever you want to tell him and God will provide a good, caring and understanding husband for me.

    I still love Randy but i am poor so therefore Randy needs someone that is rich.

    Good Bye


    Madam, if you provide me the agreed upon dowry I will get down on my hands and knees and apologize to you. Until then, you get no apology. Prove to me that your claim that you have the dowry is not just another lie. Send me photos of the dowry.

    Randy finally gets involved and sends his beloved the following:

    I have read everything you sent me and have directed William to send the
    40k. I do not know when he will get this message as he may be out on my
    boat for Christmas. I will be meeting up with him next Sunday. We can
    finally sort everything out then. William will be able to facilitate
    everything while I am away. I had to rush to the nearest modem and tell
    you how much I love you and I can't wait to make this christmas the best
    you've ever had. Just do as William directs and work with him to get
    this sorted. I really can't wait to see you and taste your sweet lips,
    and to kiss you. Anyway, I have a few hired friends waiting for me in
    the sauna. My lap taffy is ready to deal with you. I'm having it worked
    over in advance.

    I love you my Queen - Love always,

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    that scammers head must be spinning.

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    "lap taffy"


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    The guy I was baiting with is one of the best scambaiters I've ever seen, and it was an honor being his imaginary lawyer. At this point in the bait it had come down to Faith bitching about me to Randy and demanding that I send her money. It's pretty boring, so I'll skip ahead to the good stuff:

    Miss Faith.

    I hope you are setting down. I'm afraid I have some terrible news concerning our friend Randy.

    As you know, Randy had been feeling ill lately. It was only through the kindness and tender care given to him by a nurse named Penelope that he was able to pull through.

    This past Sunday Randy was feeling better, and decided to take Penelope out to eat to celebrate. I'm afraid he never made it to the restaurant. I have attached the newspaper article that explains what happened.

    Randy was a kind and caring man, and to be honest his only vice was his love of fast cars. I'm afraid that this love cost him his life. Police estimate that he was doing 150 when he hit the concrete barrier.

    If it makes you feel any better, please know that Randy went quickly. Police estimate that he died instanly upon impact. That's the way Randy would have wanted it. The last thing he would have wanted was to be hooked to some machine, and basically spend the rest of his life as a vegetable, depending on the care of others as his fortune whittered away to nothing.

    Ms. Faith, I'm sure you're as devistated as we all are by this news. Randy was my best friend, and I am beside myself with grief. I still picture his smiling face, and his disarming smile. Randy could brighten up a room just by being in it, and I will miss my friend.

    Ms. Faith, Randy recently changed his will and left you some money. That's the kind of person Randy was. Please let me know how you want to handle this.

    Ms. Faith, please accept my sincere condolences over this matter. I know we have had our differences in the past, but I hope you understand that these differences only came about because I cared deeply for Randy, and did not want him to get hurt.

    I am off to light a candle in his memory at the memorial service. Please pray for Randy's friends, and please also pray for Penelope, who is in intensive care at the hospital.

    William J. Penfold

    Attorney at Law

    OH! My God this is a very bad new, i can believe this Randy just email me on saturday and i emailled him back but i have not heard from him since , nothing knowing that my one and only Husband is dead, please i pray for him and make sure you take good care of Penelope and also i will want to know what exactly he left for me sotherefore get back to me with whatver my sweet randy left for me so that i can tell you how to do about that plus i will like to donate some to the Charity organization so that God will forgive my Swet Randy in heaven and then maybe we will talk about the rest but let me know what he left for me in His WILL as i will also love to give Penelope some money as well.

    May my Sweet Randy soul rest in perfect peace.

    I can't talk much now than to go and pray for him.

    I Remain Randy's queen


    She's pretty broken up about Randy's death, isn't she?

    Miss Faith

    I can tell from your email that you are broken up about this. I can only imagine how difficult this time is for you.

    We will be having Randy's wake this Friday evening at the Mustang Ranch, located on Mer-lin drive. You are welcome to attend. All alcohol and entertainment will be provided by Randy's estate. The festivities will start around 9:00 p.m., and are expected to last until the wee hours of the morning.

    The reading of Randy's last will and testemant will occur Tuesday, February 10, 10:00 a.m., at our law offices. I would advise you to be there. After the formal reading of the will we shall determine a plan to distribute Randy's assets. Did I understand you correctly that you wish to donate all of your share of the will to charity? Randy would be so pleased by that.

    Dear Penford,

    First of all i will say that it not possible for me to be in the United State because i don't have internationa Passport nor Visa so it is very had, Randy knows all this that is why he have decided to help me, so you can get me a Representative and i will pay the person or even you can represent me, please do this for me.

    About the celebration i will also arrange some church member to pray for Randy here and i may not be able to drink and entertain anyone because i am not happy with his death.

    I id not say i want to give all My Inheritance to Charity Organization but i will give some to them and if i want to give any Cahrity Organization money it will be here in Nigeria because we ae poor here and most people needs money, so all i will do is to hear what andy has given me first and i will tell you how to get it sent down to me and the charity organization here accordingly, so just let em know what i Randy have for me first.

    I miss my Sweet Randy but God will let Penelope get better soon, i did not beleive that Randy is dead untill i say the new papper myself, very sad news.


    Miss Faith

    I would be glad to represent you, but how are you going to pay for my services?

    Dear Penford,

    As you can see my reasons of not been able to present, so please you will arrange for that, mind you whatever you do for me will make Randy happy in his Grave, so kindly help the poor girl.

    I will compesate you from my inheritance fund because everybody knows that i am poor including my late fiance.

    So just let me know about the Will later.


    Miss Faith

    I'm sorry, but it is not legal in this state for a lawyer to represent a client in a matter concerning inheritance on a contingency basis, I must have some sort of upfront payment. I am open to any ideas that you might have.

    Dear William,

    Anyway it is left to you on how you want us to do it, because right now i have no passport nor visa to travel sotherefore if you want me to be present that means you will have to loan me some money so that i can use it to get all my coming papers and when i come over then i will pay you back from my Inheritance.

    Without this there is nothing i can do , so please be considerate.


    Miss Faith

    Thank you for the information
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    Miss Parks

    It would be in your best interest to have legal representation at the reading of the will, but seeing as how you cannot afford legal representation I guess we'll just have to see what happens. I will inform you of the results after the reading of the will on Tuesday.

    We are preparing for a rocking good time at Randy's wake tonight. We have the bar reserved all night and have hired a couple dozen female escorts to celebrate Randy's life. I think Randy would have wanted it that way.

    Dear Penfold,

    I was only thanking you for helping me in term of representation, but not knowing that you are not ready to arrange for someone to represent me, i told you i don't have money to do al that so if you have any alternative we better do it because i must get my inheritance.

    No i have no money to get any lawyer so help me do that i will pay you off when i get my inheritance , how much is your Legall Fee?

    thank you very much, Today is Randy's Wake Keeping and i will pray for him here.


    Dear William,

    I did a night prayer for Randy last night so that his soul can rest in perfect peace, so that is why i could not reply you back since yesterday.

    Since you know my condition so i guess you need to get back to me as soon as you finish the reading of the Will so that i can know what belong to me then i will instruct you on how to get them to me.

    I will wait for the result on Tuesday morning.

    Thank you very much.


    Penfold to Randy's brother and sister, with Faith copied in:

    Dear Steven

    It was so nice seeing you and Bindy at Randy's wake on Friday evening. It was truly a great event celebrating the life of Randy; a man of kindness and generousity. In hindsight it was probably not a good idea to bring Randy's body to the wake, but then again I guess we couldn't really anticipate the problems that would arise. Bobby and Lester both feel really bad about taking Randy's body out for a spin in the convertible, and blame the events on the massive amount of alcohol they consumed. Please be advised that I have spoken with the strippers involved in the incident, as well as the manager of the Fast Food place the boys took Randy's body to, and they do not plan to file any criminal charges. What's done is done, right? :)

    As to Miss Faith, her and Randy were only engaged to be married, and had not actually been married yet. I appreciate your concern; Randy was, after all, your brother. Randy and Faith met on the internet, and while I had my concerns and reservations in the beginning, there was no doubt in my mind that Randy truly loved his Faith, and wanted to make sure she was well taken care of.

    Steven, once again, Randy had not gotten married. But it should bring you some comfort to know that in the last days of his life he was truly in love. I have copied Miss Faith on this email, and if you have any questions concerning her relationship with your brother I'm sure she will be more than happy to answer them.

    I look forward to seeing you again at the reading of the will. Unfortunately Miss Faith will not be at the reading, as she was unable to either travel or secure the services of an attorney.

    Yours in grief

    William J. Penfold

    Attorney at Law

    And the Will is read

    The reading of the Last Will and Estate of Randolph Parks took place in
    my office the morning of Tuesday February 10th, 2009. Estate reading
    form 24601-VH will be filed with the 1st Superior Court Probate and Estate
    by this law office.

    Randy had assets totalling an (estimated) $73,845,419.02 (USD) comprised
    the following:

    *Building and other Fixed Assets totalling (estimated) 2,423,618.00:*

    Residence and Vacation homes - total estimated value $1,912,000.00 (USD)
    were willed in entirety to *Bindy Parks*, Randy's sister.

    Land - total estimated value $300,000 were willed in entirety to the
    and Girls Club*, for the construction of facilities to aid the children
    seen fit by the Boys and Girls Club Corporate headquarters.

    Misc. Fixed Assets, including misc. buildings and holdings - Estimated
    of $211,618.00 (USD) were willed in entirety to *William J. Penfold*,
    friend and family lawyer.

    *Automobiles totalling (estimated) $2,209,221.48*

    2008 Lamborghini Revention - Value $1,843,212.48 (est.) to *Sister Holly
    Wood* of the Sisters of Saint Holy Faith and Redemption Church

    2007 Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster - Value 0 to *William J. Penfold*,
    friend and family lawyer
    ** note, this was the vehicle that Randy was in when he crashed and lost
    life, and is now considered worthless**

    1968 Lamborghini Miura - Value $134,101 (est) to *Penelope Simpson*,
    and sexual advisor

    2008 Aston Martin DB9 Volante Convertible - Value $231,708 ( USD) to
    * fiance of deceased
    1976 Ford Pinto 2.3L OHC - Value $200 (est) to *Steven Parks*, brother

    Family Heirlooms

    *Art Collection - Misc. art pieces total value of $12,135,909.00 (est)*
    2006 Paint-By-Numbers of Jesus as painted by Randy Parks. Value $.25
    to *Steven Parks,* brother of deceased.

    Remaining Monet's - Value $12,135,908.72 (est) to *Bindy Parks*, sister
    deceased. Note - Art collection detail is shown on Appendix A of

    *Cash and Cash Equivelants - Value $57,076,670.54 (est) *
    *Faith, *fiance of deceased - $1,234,695.34
    *Penelope,* Nurse and sexual advisor of deceased - $125,000
    *Our Lady of Perpetual Motion Gentlemens Club* - $350,045,37
    *Steven Parks*, Brother of Deceased - $1,437.06
    *Bindy Parks*, Sister of deceased - $55,365,492.77

    The brother is not happy


    Coming up - The Will is challenged in court. What will Faith do?

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    Haha! I love how the last one just ends. "Thank you for the information"

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    fucking hilarious

    "nurse and sexual advisor"

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    Dear William,

    I am fine but i little bit sick because of the death of my Fiance, anyway i am better now and how are you also? offcourse it is not easy for me to forget Randy just like that, i can't love now maybe later, but i will take you as my personal advicer whenever i am about to love again but not yet at all.

    I really understand all about the Will and i will want you to proceed to my inheritance fund by Wiring the money according to my instruction below because i will be happy if you follow my instruction below so that i can get my inheritance successfully.

    since the cash will for me is $1,234,695.34 so please kindly wire $500,000 to the below bank account information and get back to me with the Transfer copy confirmation of the transfer.

    Bank Name:Standard Chartered Bank
    Address:Billiter Street London,EC3M2RY.
    Name Of The Account: xxxxx
    Account No:xxxxxx
    Swift Code: xxxxxxx
    REF: xxxxxx.

    Also Wire $234,695.34 to the below information again and get back to me with Transfer copy confirmation

    A;C NAME: xxxxx
    SORT CODE:xxxx
    A;C NO:xxxxxx
    BIC NO:LOYDGB21581
    IBAN NO:xxxxxxx

    Please do this today and confirm to me and i will instruct you on how to get the rest fund to me , because after sending all i asked you to wire according to the above instruction i will still have $500,000 left, so i will tell you what to do with that as soon as you confirm all the transfer copy to me.

    More so about the 2008 Aston Martin DB9 Volante Convertible - $231,708 (est), i will see what i can do about that, and i will update you on what to do with that, maybe you will give that to Charity Organization over there.

    I know you can handle this today and i am sure you will get back to me with the transfer copies as i have requested for it, please do this ontime so that you can get back to me as early as possible.


    Please extend my greetings to Penelope Simpson and the rest of the Family.

    Thank you very much.


    So now the little bitch is giving me orders? ME? William J. Penfold? Well, let's see how she likes it when her bank accounts are frozen by the authorities (which they were). Getting bank information was an unexpected bonus. Hell, I wasn't even trying for them.

    Miss Faith

    Thank you so much for your banking information. Please be informed that I cannot send you any funds until the probate judge signs off on the will. This is just a mere formality, but under the law the funds are held up until this takes place. Normally it takes between 60-90 days for the probate judge to review the will, but I do have connections in this area, and I think we can get it done in a couple of weeks. Once this is done I will send you your money and we will make arrangements for you to get your Aston Martin.

    Miss Faith, I am forwarding to you an email I received from Steven Parks, Randy's brother. Steven has always been a slacker, and as you can tell from his email he is not at all happy about what Randy left to him. I think Randy did this so that Steven would be forced to get off his lazy ass and make something of himself.

    Miss Faith, it would go a long ways towards smoothing things over if you could contact Steven and tell him about your relationship with Randy. We don't want Steven stirring up problems.

    I will keep you informed concerning the probate hearing.

    Dear William,

    Thank you very much for the sincerity and honesty, so please use your connection so that i can get my inheritance ontime.

    Anyway since you know that Randy did all that so that Steven can be serious then you don't have to waste time on Steven after all Randy has made the Will and nobody can change the Will.

    As Randy's Attorney you should know much about Randy and stop telling me that Steven is trying mess with you and if he does then take Legal action on him.

    I can help Steven with some money maybe later but just let him know that Will is not what someone can change that he should stop all the rubish he is doing, so i don't have time for Steven i will only wait for my Inheritance so when exactly should i be expecting my Inheritance?

    Plus i will want you to please kindly help me with some amount from your pocket and i will pay you back when i get my Inheritance.

    Please help me send $3,450 to the below information through western union money transfer, please do this today.

    Name: Faith Sand.
    Address: 10,Aje Street.

    Please make sure you do this today because i want to use the money for my medication as i am not feeling well ever since i heard the death of my Fiance, also get back to me with the receipt been given to you at the western union money transfer after sending the money so that i can use it to pick up the money here.

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    Haha! She now wants you to just send her money straight from your pocket. Wow.

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    The news article was priceless. Did they really give you account info? Did you all really get them frozen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dewarsrocks View Post
    The news article was priceless. Did they really give you account info? Did you all really get them frozen?
    Yuppers. Got a contact on the 419 board that works with banks on freezing the accounts of scammers.

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    Dear Willaim,

    Oh!! no problem i will take treatment on debt so i will balance them later.

    So when will the probate judge do what they needs to do so that i can receive my inheritance?

    Please update me and make sure you use your fastest connection as you have promised.

    Please always extend my greetings to Penelope Simpson and how is her health for now?also where is she ? is she still in the hospital or is she at home?



    We have a serious problem here. I just went to Randy's house to clean up
    some stuff and found his laptop. On it were pictures of some woman who
    claimed to be this Faith. I was going through his emails to shut it down
    and send everyone in his contact list about his death. This woman is
    nothing to Randy. She is not even related. This woman has no claim on
    that much money. Especially when I am his brother. I found a few
    pictures of some slut in her underwear and few emails. Thats it. Thats
    the proof she exists? She shares a few dirty emails and then gets nearly
    1.5M? This is bullshit William.


    I have copied Faith in on this email so hopefully she can explain to you her relationship with your brother. The Will is what it is. I am very sorry if you are not happy.

    William J. Penfold

    Attorney at Law

    Dear William,

    Thanks for the email,well like i said earlier i have no business with Steven because he is just bragging because his brother did not will anything for him, is he an handicap?why cant he work for his money if his brother does not leave money for him, what if his brother is not rich wouldn't he work? oh my God steven is too lazy, anyway what is going on about the approval of the will when am i getting my inheritance?

    Just let him know that i and Randy was like husband and wife before he died, we almost marry each other because we are about to marry before he died, i will forward Randys last email to you now so that you can know how plan, randy already told me that he included me in his will so i know everything about all this, just let me know when i am getting my inheritance.

    Get back to me today.


    Now we're playing a game of good baiter/crazy baiter on Faith.

    The email she forwarded to me from Randy

    I have just had the best conversation with Penelope. I told her all
    about you and I have decided to I trust you with everything. I told her
    about the other woman that scammed me, but you are different. You have
    been a wonderful friend and it is now time to shower you with my wealth.
    In the morning I will be driving up the coast to see my banker at his
    house, We are old friends, plus he looks after me personally. I am
    signing a clearance for you of $45,000 US which will be sent to you via
    express courier. I have opened a bank account in Nigeria. William
    doesn't need to know. You will be able to collect the funds from that
    account as I will name you the beneficiary. On Tuesday I will have the
    bank send you the documents direct. Do I have your address? If not send
    it through and I will have them mail it to you. If all goes well, by the
    following week you should have access to that account.

    I love you Faith and now as I am much better I want to get our life
    moving forward. Me and you forever! Penelope convinced me you where the
    true love for me. We should be together and be happy. I was going to ask
    Penelope to stay with us as well. She could be our line-in care taker.
    You will love her she is wonderful. We could all get in the jacuzzi
    together and see what happens. I have to go and get some sleep. I am
    excited about tomorrow.

    Goodnight Faith. Hope to see you soon.

    Dear William,

    Just let him know that i and Randy was like husband and wife before he died, we almost marry each other because we are about to marry before he died, here is last email to me before he died, randy already told me that he included me in his will so i know everything about all this, just let me know when i am getting my inheritance.

    I am not happy at all with the death of my late fiance so please tell Steven to stop all the nonsence he is doing and tell him to get a job doing because he is too lazy.

    Thank You.


    Dear William,

    Thanks for the email,well like i said earlier i have no business with Steven because he is just bragging because his brother did not will anything for him, is he an handicap?why cant he work for his money if his brother does not leave money for him, what if his brother is not rich wouldn't he work? oh my God steven is too lazy, anyway what is going on about the approval of the will when am i getting my inheritance?

    Just let him know that i and Randy was like husband and wife before he died, we almost marry each other because we are about to marry before he died, i will forward Randys last email to you now so that you can know how plan, randy already told me that he included me in his will so i know everything about all this, just let me know when i am getting my inheritance.

    Get back to me today.


    Miss Faith

    In your last email to me you attached an email that Randy sent you saying that he had set up a bank account that I did not know about that contained $45,000. I need to know this account, as it was not included in the Will and needs to be accounted for. Thank you for your quick attention to this matter.

    William J. Penfold

    Attorney at Law

    At this point she is sending me two emails a day wanting to know where her money is. She wants my phone number, but I told her that I am in Texas trying to save a death row inmate from being executed (easy cover, as Texas always has a death row inmate about to get the needle) so I do not have access to my office phone. I also told her earlier that she is batshit crazy so I am not going to give her my cell number.

    Dear William,

    If you check the email i forwarded to you very well you will see that Randy was planning to do that before he died, so he have not sent to me the account details yet or maybe you can ask his personal account manager, i only told you this so that you can know how much randy loves me, i also loves him but he is a pity that my love is dead.

    The death of Randy is very painful.

    I hope you understand this.

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    Miss Faith

    My job as executor of Randy's will is to keep you informed of all that is going on. I am just doing my job. Steven is not at all happy, and I feel like you should know that.

    William J. Penfold

    Attorney at Law

    Dear William,

    If Steven is not happy then what do you want me to do about that, i guess Randy knows why he choose not to will anything for him, so tell me your opinion.

    Please make the approval faster


    This chick has really pissed me off by now. Two emails a day, each one ordering me to make the process go faster. Hey, I don't work for her.

    William - You have to listen to me carefully you slimy bastard. I have
    bbeen through all of Faiths emails with Randy and I have found something
    strange. This dirty whore is nothing but a money grabber. She is a gold
    digger and is probably a prostitute. She smelled money on him and
    decided to drop her clothes like the cheap hooker she is. She doesn't
    deserve any of this money Randy left for her. It should be mine. I can't
    believe Randy was still angry. I only fucked his girlfriend in his
    kitchen once.

    So I have to wait 60 - 90 days to collect this money William? You
    mailing out a check or something? This is not over William. I will fight
    this and I will fight this whore Faith.



    I was just getting ready to leave the office for the weekend when I saw
    your email. Allow me to explain this again.

    I am employed, and fees are paid, by the estate of your late brother.
    Whatever issues you may or may not have are not my concern. My only
    concern is to administer the estate of your late brother as his will decrees, and
    as how the court decides. That is it. You were at the reading of the will
    and you know that my detail of the will is accurate per the written and
    notorized document.

    Steven, I do not take sides in this. I do not decide what is right and
    what is wrong. My loyalties lie with the estate of your brother, and seeing
    that the assets of your brother are distributed as the court sees fit.

    Normally this process would take 60-90 days, but I have a friend in the
    probate court and we have got this moved up on the schedule. I
    anticipate the probate judge to review the will in a couple of weeks. If the
    probate judge approves, and I have no reason to think that he won't approve, the
    assets will then be distributed.

    Steven, if I may be so bold, might I suggest that your drinking is
    clouding your judgement. My belief in talking with your brother prior to his
    passing is that he wanted you to stand on your own two feet, and that is why he
    left you what he did. That's just my personal opinion, and not a legal

    Steven, I have included miss Faith on this email as this issue concerns
    her as well, and I want to make sure that she realizes my role in this
    Have a good weekend.

    William J. Penfold
    Attorney at Law

    Well hello 'Faith' - If that is even your real name. I am Steven,
    Randy's brother. The person who was screwed over and lost money from an
    inheritance. I guess you've seen and heard? I want to know if you
    seriously think you will try and collect from my brother? Do you think
    you have earned it? So you think you deserve this money? Have you seen
    how much you are getting? This will maybe legally binding but by
    Madonna's virginal womb I promise you a firestorm if you think you can
    waltz in and take what is not rightfully yours. My brother was very rich
    and left me with nothing. I am happy the prick is dead.

    This goes out to both of you, and I want you to read what I'm saying very carefully...


    Steven, your brother's will is what it is. I cannot personally change it. All I can do is follow the will as the court directs. Do you understand this? Do you understand that you can complain to me until the Rapture and there's not a damn thing I can do. It is in the hand of the probate judge. SO STOP BITCHING TO ME!

    Miss Faith, I have done everything within my power to move up the probate hearing on this will. This was not done out of any loyalty to you or any other family member. This was done because I really want this case done with. Now Bindy is starting to complain to me about things. I don't need this.

    I anticipate getting a court date set next week, but, Miss Faith, by all that is holy I swear if you ask me one more time where your money is I will get this case assigned to Judge Gein, a man that is 87 years old, works very slow, has cases on his docket backed up for four years, and never, EVER, moves things up. Do you understand what I am telling you? If Judge Gein gets this probate case it will end up in legal pergatory, waiting forever to be heard. SO STOP ASKING ME WHEN YOU ARE GETTING YOUR MONEY! I AM DOING THE BEST THAT I CAN!

    Now if you both will excuse me I am off to the golf course, where my only concern will be making sure the ball stays on the fairway and a beercart is always close by.

    William J. Penfold

    Attorney at Law

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    Dear William,

    Okay William i will wait until you update me thanks very much.

    I saw Steven Email and i did not bother to read it, i deleted it because i am not interested in reading his email because he is not serious and he is also Lazy according to you and Randy.

    Waiting to hear from you soon.


    Dear William,

    Has you can see from Steven email, you will see that he is very stupid for him to talk to you like that anyway i think his stupid character made Randy left nothing for him, so we have to dance to Randys tune, sotherefore you have no business with Steven just leave him and let him continue bragy.

    if you want me to give him some money from my inheritance i can but if he continue to brag i will not give him anything, anyway please let them approve the will ontime so that i can have access to my inheritance fund ontime.

    I hope you understand me very well.

    You have not yet tell me about Penelop health all you talk about is Steven but Penelop is more important than Steven.


    I guess she really was reading Steven's emails after all

    I let her stew for a week, and I get this email.

    Dear Wiliam,

    I hope everything is okay with you.


    Miss Faith

    I received notification yesterday that the probate hearing is scheduled for March 2, 2:00 p.m., courtroom B. Judge Dredd will be presiding. As always, you are welcome and encouraged to attend.

    Miss Faith, when I was putting the probate filing papers together I noticed that I did not have anything from you detailing your relationship with Randy. I need for you to do that, and I need that to be handwritten. Simply detail your relationship with Randy, how you met, how you feel about him, and what your future plans were. I need this just as quick as you can get it to me.

    Dear William,

    I understand you very well so i will get back to you with writting before the end of this week.

    Thank you very much.


    Miss Faith

    Please get that to me as quickly as possible. Please make sure that your writing is extremely detailed as to your relaitonship with Randy, and make sure you include all interactions that you have had with Randy. As a reminder, this needs to be handwritten by you and signed. I would suggest that you make this a minimum of ten pages, as this will be submitted to the probate judge.

    Miss Faith, you had told me that you were going to get me another bank account to wire the remaining funds to. I still have not received that bank account information.

    Dear William,

    I have already done what you ask me to do regarding the relationship between i and Randy but i can not write more than a page because what you need is not ten pages but but my relationship with Randy, all you need is a rief note and not what you are saying now, i can write ten pages letter that may not make and sence but i can also write just a page letter that will make comlete sence, so all you need here is a note that will make sence, i mean a note that will tell how i and Randy met, how i feel about him, and what our future plans were.

    Note that you know all about or relationship and you know that Randy loves me so much and i did also, sotherefore Randy left all he has left for me because he loves me and because i am poor because he proised to make me happy, his death is just like a punishment for me, i never beleive that my Randy is dead not until i saw it in papper, so please what i will write will be just a page besides i don't need to write anything because you are Randy's Attorney and you know me as Randy's Fiance but i will only write the note because you need it, so that you can submit it to the probate judge, so please permit me to send what i have written in one page, if i may also tell you i have not been alright ever since Randy Died because i think of him all seconds and i am still hoping to see the day we will meet again.

    About the account to wire the rest money, i will send that to you later, maybe a day after i got confirmation of the first one.

    I need to rest a little.


    William - I have been going through Randy's emails and belongings. I am
    staying at his place until this mess can be sorted. As his brother I am
    also using the Bentley as my car is broken. This woman 'Faith' is not
    Randy's wife and they are not married. I can not find any proof of their
    relationship anywhere. All I have found is a couple of pictures of some
    busty woman who could smell Randy's money and only wants to make a
    claim. I am not even convinced they were going to get married. Randy
    would have never fallen for this slut. How do we even know she is real?
    I can find nothing about her anywhere and Randy's emails to her were
    very dirty in places. I see only some sexy talk and that's it.

    I am emailing to inform you that I will be bringing my own lawyer to
    this hearing. I will contest this dopey bitches claims on Randy's money.
    I believe that she is not who she says she is and did not have any
    relationship of value. Most of the emails were deleted so my proof on
    some points is excellent. I have hired Elle Woods to represent me. You
    of course know her well. She believes that Randy was not in his right
    mind and was being influenced by this woman Faith. She does not deserve
    $1.4M for just showing her tits. Even if they were real. I found no
    other pictures of this woman, which you normally would find if they were
    having a relationship.

    I will see you in court


    At this point I should probably point out that our scammer Faith has struck up a relationship with Bindy, the sister of the deceased (and also the original baiter.). Faith likes Bindy. Faith still does not like me, but she has to suck up to me to get her money.
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    Where does this chick come up with the word "brag"? Stating the obvious, but I don't think that word means what you think it means.

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    This is backtracking a bit, but I am rather proud of this letter I sent to Faith regarding the dowry. Keep in mind that this letter was sent when Randy was still alive and I was trying to get her to send me a charcoal drawing of Lew Perkins

    Miss Faith

    I fail to see why you cannot seem to understand what I keep telling you. There will be no dowry sent on the part of Mr. Parks until I receive your dowry to him first.

    Perhaps our problem is due to a language barrier. Perhaps English is not your first language, and you have trouble understanding. Here, I will try giving you the message once again in a few different languages:


    There will be no dowry sent on the part of Mr. Parks until I receive your dowry to him first.


    Es wird keine seitens Herrn Parkss gesandte Mitgift geben, bis ich Ihre Mitgift zu ihm zuerst erhalte.


    Il n'y aura aucun douaire envoyé de la part de M. Parks avant que je ne lui reçoive votre douaire d'abord.


    Não haverá nenhum dote enviado da parte de sr. Parks até que eu lhe receba o seu dote primeiro.

    Pig Latin

    Erehta illwa eba ona owryda entsa ona hetha artpa oftha Isterma Arkspa tilna I eceivera ourya owrdyda ota imha irstfa.


    Не будет никакого приданого, посланного со стороны г. Паркса, пока я не получаю ваше приданое к нему сначала.


    Yo yo yo, da bling needs ta roll to da brother b'fo da brotha rolls da bling out, dig?


    No habrá ninguna dote enviada de parte de Sr. Parks hasta que yo le reciba su dote primero.

    Have I made myself clear? I certainly hope so.

    Miss Parks, I don't think you understand how things work. Mr. Parks gave me full power of attorney over all his financial affairs. If he needs to take a shit he checks with me before he buys toilet paper. I know where every dime goes and I monitor and approve every dime that he spends. One of the reasons Mr. Parks is still rich (probably the only reason Mr. Parks is still rich) is because of me. I invest his money for him, and I manage his money for him. He doesn't purchase a pack of chewing gum unless I say it is okay. Any money you receive from Mr. Parks will be sent through me, and I ain't happy with you right now.

    Miss Parks, in light of your sudden refusal to provide a dowry, I think at this point it would be best to wait until our police investigative team gets back in the office next week and I will have them do a full investigation on you. Now you can whine and pitch a fit to Randy all you want to, but it ain't gonna change a thing. I will have Mr. Parks forward to me all of your correspondence when he gets back so we can start the investigation.

    I hope I have made myself clear. Good day to you.

    William J. Penfold

    Attorney at Law

    Dear William,

    Oh, i now understand you but you do you that i am not so eager to get any Dowry from Randy he was the one who said he want to pay my dowry and marry me and if he change his mind by not paying it then i have to choice than to leave him and we continue the relationship here since he does not want to pay my dowry, i will not pay any dowry first because i am a lady, it is just like you are imposing things on me just because you think i am after Randy's money, i don't care if Randy is rich or not but what i care for is love, so i don't need any Dowry again since you think i am after Randy's money, so let talk about something else.

    I will not send anything to you because i have sent several to Randy, so if you want anything from me then ask Randy to ask and i will give it to Randy but i can never send you anything you can keep all Randy's money i don't care.

    I will travel back to my home village and farm and i will get little money to feed myself and take care of mum and we may loose communication because i am in town all because of Randy and now no money to maintain myself in town again, my computer has been disconnected from internet and now i will no longer go to any public place to check mail as from Friday because i will be in Village by then.

    I hope Randy will find another girl of his choice because i can not take this anymore you are using money advantage on me.


    Miss Faith

    It is very refreshing to hear you say that you are not after Mr. Parks money. Considering the fact that you will not be receiving a single dollar from Mr. Parks you should be quite happy.

    Mr. Parks has asked you for the dowry as well, and you have refused him. You are just a hussy that is looking to take my client to the cleaners and take all of his money. It's a good thing he has me as his lawyer.

    The police investigators will be in the office on Monday and we'll see what they have to say.

    William J.Penfold

    Attorney at Law

    Hello William,

    I have told you not to insult me again you can talk anyhow you like but don't insult me, it does not take me aything to do what you request for but you sound too imposive and you are talking as if i am after Randy's money, even if i do it you will still ask for more things because you don't trust yourself and you don't believe that Randy can find a good wife like me, i am too good for Randy so you are suspecting my relationship for him but remember that i am only been too good to randy because i also need husband but if you are very sure that you will not ask for more things like Randy did then i can say something but if you will continue your imposive mail then it is better you say whatever you like but please do not insult me again.

    More so i need your direct contact telephone# even if i will do what you want me to do.

    Bye and take care of my Sweet Randy for me.


    Miss Faith

    This is getting quite old. I have made myself very clear in all of this. Once your dowry is received by me I will release Mr. Parks dowry to you. I don't understand how I can be any clearer on this matter, yet you continue to be confused.

    At this point I think our best course of action is to wait until the police investigators arrive next week and let them sort everything out.

    William J. Penfold

    Attorney at Law

    Dear William,

    Okay,but you must send your direct contact telephone# to em so that i can know you are who you claim to be


    Other boring stuff goes on, including me refusing to give this lunatic my telephone number

    I have just recieved to a call from William saying that you claim my
    number isn't working? He just called me on that number? He also tells me
    that you are saying that I am somehow trying to ruin our relationship?

    Faith - Why would I do that? What do I have to gain? What is it you
    think I can possibly make out of trying to do something like this?

    I have asked for your number. Send it to me. Any number will do, a
    friends, family, a local priest, public phone? I see no logical reason
    why you can't provide me with a contact number. My mobile phone is a sat
    phone. I can take calls even if I was on the moon, or under the sea. So
    if you can't get through, there is something wrong with yours lines, or
    your service doesn't allow sat link connections. So to solve this very
    simple problem give me a number to contact you.

    I am on my boat and will be back in range in a few days. I will check my
    emails and then call you on a number you give me.

    I will be emailing William to see how everything is going on his end.

    With love,

    Dear William,

    If you can not leave your telephone# i will give you mine, so here is the number you can call me on +xxxxxxxxxxx, also help me give it to Randy so that he can call me before i go to Village tomorrow because once i leave fr Village there will be no internet communication between us because i have been dosconnected from internet and i have been going to public place to pay for checking my mails and now i have no more money to do all that, i think i have tried, so help me call randy because i can not reach him on telephone and i know you can reach him.


    To be honest, dealing with these idiots is sometimes like trying to herd cats. At this point I had given up on the drawing angle, and we went to Randy's death. You have to have a hight tolerance for frustration to bait, and that's one of the reasons why I haven't done any baiting for a couple of years now
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    Back to the point in the bait where I am trying to get her to write out her relationship with Randy for me. She has come up with ten thousands reasons why she cannot do that, so we switched the angle to getting her to send us some form of identification. Faith is in blue Penfold is in italics and Bindy (Randy's sister) is in orange


    I have spoken with one of Williams partners. William is in Texas with that thing he's doing. I explained the situation in great detail and Denny tells me that if you can't obtain a photographic ID from your government, which is difficult in some countries, that you can be sponsored and legalized through a recognized organization. My church is a recognized organization. My husband and I are the leaders of our local church and can have you converted to our faith and then adopted legally and be ordained. Which means all my husband and I have to do is write a letter with your church papers and send them to the judge. We of course have to prove to my church you have seriously joined by submitting to our ordainment policy and then we sent the letter the the judge and notarize it. This could work out better than expected. If you would like to be ordained and allow us to legally adopt you into our faith I will need to know soon. I will also need you to join officially. We have a small ritual and a single piece of paper to sign. I believe this will solve all our problems with your ID concerns. We should do it this weekend. Would you and your brother join? I can send you the details later.

    I have also sent this to William for him to confirm that this will work. It's legal right William?

    Blessing in love,


    You are correct in that people in foreign countries that do not have a recognized photographic id (drivers license or passport) do have a religious exemption. In order for this to apply the following conditions must be met:

    1) The person must not have any other acceptible form of identification

    2) The person must have a yearly household income of less than $5,000 USD

    3) The person must be an ordained minister of an established, recognized church that possesses a Federal ID number (which your church does).

    Bindy, please note that simply being a member of a recognized church is not sufficient. The person applying for the religious exemption must be an ordained minister of the church.

    I hope this has been helpful. Please let me know your plans.

    William J. Penfold

    Attorney at Law

    Dear Bindy,

    I have not been alright since on Wednessday that is why i have not email you since, my sickness was due to the strees i am going through here but i am now better, i will send you an I:D today, because i just got a job which i applied for all because of this I:D of a thing and they told me that my I:D Card is ready , i hope this working I:D Card is okay?

    Let me know on time so that i can get it scanned to you.

    Thank you very much.


    Attached were a couple of badly photoshopped id cards, which I will not post.

    Miss Faith

    Thank you for the ID card. Everything looks to be in order.

    I will find out Monday which State Judge is assigned to hear this case. I anticipate everything should be completed and you will be getting your funds by the end of next week at the latest.

    Congratulations on your new job!

    As a reminder, Steven is now challenging the Will in court.

    Dear William,

    Thank you very much, i appreciate your service and your sincerity, i am sure that Randy will be very happy with you in his Grave for making all his Will Happen.


    Dear William,

    Thank you very much, i appreciate your service and your sincerity, i am sure that Randy will be very happy with you in his Grave for making all his Will Happen.

    Finally please make sure that the inheritance is transferd into the below account, although i have already fill the form with this same account but should incase they did not see my written very well , please put them through.

    Bank Name:Standard Chartered Bank
    Address:Billiter Street London,EC3M2RY.
    Name Of The Account: xxxx
    Account No:xxxxx
    Swift Code: xxxxx
    REF: xxxxx


    Miss Faith

    During the embalming process a corpse is laid on a bench in a supine anatomical position, with the head slightly elevated. The eyes are posed using an eye cap, which keeps them shut, and the mouth is usually sewn closed.

    Once that is done the real fun begins. A jugular vein is opened in the deceased, and as the blood leaves the body it is replaced with embalming fluid; a collection of formaldehyde, methanol and ethanol.

    I tell you this to let you know that Randy is not lying somewhere having a tea party. He currently feels neither joy nor sadness, elation nor depression, and neither excitement nor anger. He no longer is capable of getting an erection. If it gets hot, Randy does not sweat. If it gets cold, Randy does not need a coat. Randy lies there all day in the same position, yet he does not feel boredome for even a fraction of a second. His bowels no longer work, so he does not need a bathroom in which to urinate. His blood has been replaced with embalming fluid, and as such he no longer feels hunger. He is six feet underground, with no air to breathe, yet he does not complain. As we speak worms and maggots are doing their damnest to try and get to Randy, as while we may have viewed him as a great man, they are viewing him as dinner. Some of the maggots have probably succeeded, and are eating the skin off the body as I type this email.

    In other words, Randy is not "Happy in his grave." He is nothing but worm food in his grave. So stop telling me Randy is "Happy in his grave." It's fucking morbid and it freaks me out.

    Miss Faith, your banking information is on the form you provided and we can read it clearly. It is the same bank account, is it not?
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    I hear Judge Dredd can be a real ass. Would not want to be in his courtroom.
    Posted from a payphone just outside of Des Moines. Please excuse any misspellings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beakumhawks View Post

    Pig Latin

    Erehta illwa eba ona owryda entsa ona hetha artpa oftha Isterma Arkspa tilna I eceivera ourya owrdyda ota imha irstfa.


    Yo yo yo, da bling needs ta roll to da brother b'fo da brotha rolls da bling out, dig?

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    Okay, I've discovered that the more messages in a gmail inbox, the greater chance gmail has of crashing and burning. So I'll post what I can, as getting back to my older messages has proven to be somewhat of a chore. As a reminder, Penfold has told Faith to shut up about the happy in his grave crap.

    Dear William,

    Oh, don't get upset, i think i have just told you our believe in Africa.

    The banking information i provide is thesame with the one in the form, what i was just saying is that they should please make sure they write all the details as i have written them in the form, most Swift Code: and the REF: Joy-T Ventures LTD.

    This will make the Inheritance reflect in the bank account without any delay, well i have written everything in the form and since you can all see it clearly no problem.

    Thank you very much and i will be looking forward to read your email as soon as you can.


    Dear Bindy

    William asked me to write something and send to him so that he can include it to whatever he will be presenting to the Probate judge today, so that he can proove some thing to the probate judge if Steven is trying top say rubish, and i have sent the papers writting to William but he said that he can not view the attchment and he said i should Fax it to him again but the Fax i am surpose to use is not working here because i stay in Rural Area, so please kindly view all the attachment i have forwarded to you and help me print them out and go and give them to William because William will need it today in the Probate judge.

    Please help me do this for God sake and for the Sake that Randy will be happy because you are trying to assist me.

    Make sure you help me print them out and submit them to William before 2:00pm so that he can submit it to the Probate judge today.


    What I was asking for is for her to handwrite out all of the correspondence she had betwen her and Randy, but this twit is finding that too difficult to do. She has started to have more conversations with Bindy now, as she seems to like Bindy and she does not like me very much.

    Dear William,

    I hope everything went out fine yesterday

    I heard from Bindy yesterday , so what is going on, i hope that i will receive the Transfer slip of the fund as i have instructed you earlier, more so don't forget that i will send to you an account where you will help me wire the rest of my inheritance as soon as i confirm the first 2 transfer slip from you.

    Extend my greetings to Penelope.

    Thank you very much


    Miss Faith
    Allow me to tell you what transpired yesterday at the Probate hearing. As you know, I was unable to print off the communication you sent to me. This is standard batiting stuff. The first time never works right so they have to redo it. This costs the scammers money, as it ain't cheap to scan and fax stuff in the cafes in Africa)This was probably due to an operating system compatibility issue. I forwarded the attachments to Bindy, and she promised to give it a try.
    Things were not going well for you at the hearing. Bindy was nowhere to be found, and Steve had brought a lawyer with him. Steve is very, very angry about this whole affair. Steve's lawyer kept saying that you were a hussy and a golddigger and you had warped Randy's mind to the point where Randy couldn't see straight.
    Judge Dredd asked if I had any documents that would show the relationship between you and Randy, and I had to tell him that I didn't. Judge Dredd did not look kindly on this, and he believed Steve's story. Judge Dredd said that you were obviously an internet hussy that had conned Randy out of his money and that you shouldn't get a dime. I was powerless to do anything, as I didn't have the handwritten emails between you and Randy in my hands.
    All this time Steve had this really smug look on his face, kind of like he had gotten away with something. Judge Dredd proclaimed that you would receive nothing from the Will, but just as Judge Dredd was about to bang his gavel down and make it official Bindy burst into the room waving a stack of papers. She had managed to get the correspondence that you had sent me to print.
    Judge Dredd started to read your correspondence and I saw a tear come to his eye. He said that it was obvious that you and Randy were in love, and he was leaving the Will as written. Steve got really angry, and both him and his lawyer left the room, with Steve screaming "This isn't over yet."
    Judge Dredd will file the order today, and you should be able to get your money within48 hours. I still need the third bank account from you though. When I transfer the money I need to transfer all of it. Kindly provide me with another bank account for the transfer.
    I hope you realize that Bindy really saved your ass this one. If it wasn't for Bindy the judge would have thrown the Will out, and you would have received nothing. I just want you to realize what a selfless act she performed for you.
    William J. Penfold
    Attorney at Law

    Dear William,

    I am very thankfull and greatfull to you and Bindy.

    Below is the third bank account, so please wire the remaining balance to the below account:

    ACCOUNT NO:xxxxxx
    SORT CODE: xxxxxx

    Thak you very much and please make sure you wire the money accordingly and send me the payment slip accordingly as well, also make sure you do not make any misatke in making the payment, anyway i trust you.

    Make sure you transfer the fund accordingly.

    What about Penelop?

    I will always email you and bindy because you are both nice and i will never forget both of you as that will also make me remember Randy my sweet heart, i will love Randy till i die.


    Miss Faith
    As I have told you before, the funds will be available when Judge Dredd files the final papers. This should take place 24-48 hours after the hearing. As of today that had not taken place, so I expect it to take place tomorrow. I will then transfer you the money.
    Miss Faith, there is no need to tell me not to make mistakes. I am aware of that. I am a highly trained lawyer who knows what to do, and I do not need to be constantly reminded of that fact by you.
    William J. Penfold
    Attorney at Law

    Dear William,

    Thank you very much for the update, so i will wait for your reply today.

    I hope i don't need to do anything again and i hope that everything is now alright.


    Hello Faith,

    Yes it was very close. I nearly didn't make it to the court on time with your papers. I made it though. All was almost lost. If I didn't make it in time the judge was about to rule you to get nothing. I went to a lot of trouble and now Steve hates me. I did this for you Faith and you didn't even mention what happened. Steve has told me that he will get me back. I don't know what that means but what I did for you cost me my relationship with my brother. I hope you appreciate my sacrifice.

    In regards to the inheritance there is still a lot of paperwork to complete and I haven't heard from William so I can only assume he is busy with making sure everything is going where it is suppose to go. We don't want anything to go wrong because of some clerical error. I do know that I am being sent some paperwork that I have to complete and send back to William. He mentioned that before I left court, but I was so upset with Steve I wasn't listening properly. William has our best interests at heart. He will take care of us no matter what. He's a good man and will see this through to the very end.

    I don't know how long it actually takes. I would rather it done right than in a hurry. Plus I am getting over $56 Million, so I want to be extra careful. Also we have to be careful of Steve. He has disappeared and was last seen heading out of Randy's house in his Pinto. No-one knows where he's gone and is not answering his phone. I know he has a small cabin in the woods were he goes hunting and cleans his assault rifles. He goes up there often to drink bourbon and shoot things. I should probably go for a drive and see if he is there, but I fear he would just snap and hurt me. I think he needs time alone.

    Faith, also, there is something you should know and I was afraid to mention it. William and I went to Randy's house where Steve was staying. That's how we knew he left. William and I found something that may disturb you, but I feel you should know. As you know Steve was left that Jesus painting in Randy's will. Well we found it on the floor and Steve had written on it in his anger. We had to take pictures of it for evidence. I have attached the picture of that painting. Don't worry. You are safe where you are and I hope you don't take it too heart.

    I have to go now Faith. Email me later. God bless.


    Hopefully this one will stay in photobucket for a little while. The last time I uploaded it photobucket deleted the image as it somehow violated their terms of us. Bastards. So now Judge Dredd has ruled in favor of Faith and a pissed off and possibly armed Steven is on the loose. Oh, and I got another bank account to close. This can’t possibly end well.
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    I know things look bad with Steven, but I wouldn't worry about it much. Steven has always had a tendency to speak German when he gets upset, and I believe the "Die Faith Die" that he scribbled on the Jesus painting was German for "The Faith The." Shamelessly stolen from The Simpsons I think Steven might have taken off to his cabin to regain his faith and become one with the Lord.
    Faith, I will be forwarding you a few forms that you need to sign and return to me. Once I get those forms signed we can transfer the money into your account.
    William J. Penfold
    Attorney at Law

    Dear William,

    Bindy already told me all about Steven condition for now, but i told her to take Steve to Sychatric Hospital for treatment.

    Well, i am expecting the few form so that i can sign them ontime.

    Thank you very much but i thought everything was okay that is why you ask for the third account, anyway i will like to get all things done before the end of this week so that i can receive my inheritance.

    Please email me with the forms today so that i can have it signed so as for you to release my inheritance fund today, i hope it is possible today?


    Miss Faith
    Attached are the forms. I need them completed, signed and faxed back to me quickly.

    Dear William,

    If i am here to tell you that i don't fulling understand what you have sent to me, more so i thought you said that my inheritance fund is ready and why 14 days in the form you sent to me, also who is going to pay the fee wrtten in the form?, also what alphabate code are you talking about?
    Please explaine all about the form to me because i did not understand it at all, i don't have all the requirement so what do we do.

    How i wish Randy was alive, i am so stresfull this days, i can't think well again.


    Dear William,

    This letter is to let you know my condition here in Africa, i am very poor and Randy knows this that is why he left all he had Left for me, so therefore Kindly assist me whenever i need your assistant, because Randy will be so much happy in his Grave if you do.

    First of all i want to tell you that i have spent all i have while i was trying to get my written to you, i don't have computer so i always go to public place to email you, i don't have any money to Fax the form back to you that is why i have attached it, i don't have money to take new pictures,my Brother who is my Witness have no money aswell, we depend on farming and now thing are very tough annd hard for us,you know much about about , you know that i am very poor,so i have manage to do all i can do in the form you sent to me, sotherefore help me as i need my inheritance to start a new life.

    In the for you stated that my inheritance fund may not be released if Declaration form is not being correctly completed, but please release my inheritance fund to me,i am a poor girl with no one to help her but Randy has done alot so do something aswell, Randy can only be happy with all of you if you send my inheritance but if you do not maybe because of anything Randy will not be happy in his Grave because he want me to get the inheritance fund that is why he has Will all that he Will for me.

    William, you have all the account details so please kindly release my inheritance accordingly, i will not be able to write more mail to you again untill i receive the Wire Transfer Payment Slip confirmation of my inheritance fund because i am now with no penny just because i use all the money i have to pay for emailling you and now my money is due and i am owing them so i will not be able to check mail like i always do, so if you Trandfer My Inheritance fund today i will be happy but if you don't that means i will leave like a poor Widow but Randy will not be happy in his Grave.

    Alot of people are here in the public cyber cafe laughing at me just because of the way i am emailling you, I love it when they complain that the other people in the internet cafe are laughing at them as i am running out of time so that the ticket time here will not expire finish before i complete my written.

    Be considerate and release my Inheritance because you told me at first that it will not take morethan 48hrs and now is taking longer than that, well Randy will be happy if you let me have my inheritance.

    Thanks and extend my greetings to Bindy and Penelope.


    At this point you might be inclined to feel somewhat sorry for poor Faith. Don’t. Odds are that Faith is more than likely a dude. Romance scammers are the bottom of the barrel. Faith obviously has the money to visit the internet cafes, as she/he manages to send me two emails a day. She/he also has the money for a phone. She/he ain’t as desperate as she/he would like you to think.

    Miss Faith
    Thank you for your email and the completed forms. However, I must tell you that the forms were not completed completely.
    The executive order was signed by Judge Dredd and filed with the court today. However, I still need to file the State order with the State Secretary of State, and I need the information requested. The 48 hours I referred to previously was in regards to the Judge's signature. This is the final step in the process.
    Specifically, what you failed to complete was the banking information and the security photo. The banking information you have already provided me in an email. I just need for you to write it on the application.
    As for the security photo, this is a requirment of the State, and not one of me, and is a requirement of the Patriot Act inacted after incidents of 2001, and applies to all inheritance funds transfered out of the country. It's very simple. You take the security code I provided you at the bottom of the last page, make a large placed with said code on it, and send me a photo of you holding the security code. As for the fees, don't worry about that. The fees are paid out of the estate.
    If you cannot provide the security photo our other option is to turn the matter over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a full security review. I would not recommend this option. The FBI was never fast to begin with, and with recent budget cuts I anticipate it would take a minimum of 18 months before they get around to investigating you.
    Miss Faith, I am duty bound to follow the law. This is not my decision, and there is nothing I can do to change it. I used my influence to get the hearing with Judge Dredd moved up, but I have no influence with the FBI. I would encourage you to complete the document I sent to you fully, and to provide the security photo. This is the last step in what has been a difficult process for all of us. We can see the finish line in the distance, and I urge you to provide what is required.

    A Penfold and Associates Form

    Faith and witness. For someone about to get a shitload of money she sure doesn’t look every happy, does she? More than likely this was a gal paid by the scammer to be in the photo.
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    As this one starts to wind down. Correspondence between Bindy and Faith.

    Thanks very much for your respond and sicerity, i am sure that Randy will be very happy with you in his Grave, anyway i will be your sister if Steven refused to be your Brother just because you are nice and kind, so i will always be of help to you.

    More so since you have alot of money please you can help Steven with Little, more so i am not afraid anymore because everybody now knows the truth.

    I will always email you, more so please be very carefull because Steven may want to harm you so please go and hire excute, also tell William to be carefull of Steven.

    Please where is Penelope who has been taking care of Randy before he died?, send to em Penelope email address i think i need to talk to her, i love you all.

    Things have made a turn for the worse. Your suspicions of Steve and his dangerous intentions are clear. He has clearly gone insane and I fear for your life, my life and that of Williams. Steve blames all three of us for this, but he also blames you for him not getting what was owed to him.

    I am not sure what you mean by 'execute'? Do you think we should take Steve down before he tries to hurt us? Are you suggesting something to me? I would love to have a sister and Steve is a no-one to me anymore. If this is what your suggesting, how do you think we should proceed?


    Try tounderstand that i am not Randy, so Steve should have been serious from his day oneso that he can achieve something, even if the whole world was Will to Steve there is tendency that every thing will vanish because Steve is not serious,so i think Randy purposely punish Steve for been useless, so please do not blame anyone for Steve because we should all blame Steve for not been Serious from his day one.

    Anyway i don't understand the EXECUTE you are talking about, all i can tell you is just prepare to take Steven to Sychatric Hospital so that they can take care of him.

    Yes i am ready to be your Sister and we could be if you wish, but i can see now that you are ready to be my Sister, sotherefore all we have to do now is to wait for the judge approval once William get my Inheritance to me then we will proceed.

    I hope you understand me clearly.


    Yes I understand you clearly. You're right, Steve is his own man and his worse enemy. He's also very dangerous person. In his early 20's Steve worked for the Department of Defense. In sanitation. Meaning he was a cleaner. I knew better. He would disappear for months at a time and sometimes come home with new scars and injuries. I mean how many cleaners do you know that can field strip a CAR-15, or can launch a RPG?

    He was in the army for a few years, but both Randy and I believed he was more than what he said. That's what makes him dangerous.

    Now when you said execute, I thought you meant it would be a good idea to kill him. DO you think this is a good idea? I have no doubt that he is capable of hurting anyone right now. The police don't know where he is and William has provided me with 2 security officers. They are very strong looking men, Bill and Ben the security men. I think we need to think things through. I will defend myself if I have too and Steve is just as angry at me as he is at all of us. He especially hates you.

    If I were you, when you get this money is too disappear. Leave your country. We should consider meeting up in Spain. Steve doesn't know about my place there and we would both be safe for awhile.

    Now, did you get any paperwork from William yet? It's the last piece of documentation we need to supply so we can make our claims official. I finished mine and sent them back a few hours ago. My husband is currently in New Mexico with his church studies and knows nothing of this. I didn't want to scare him and disturb his solitude.

    Now what has your family said about all this money? Isn't it amazing. Maybe we should think of some positive things. Tell me what you plan to do with the money. What has your family asked for, is everyone excited?

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    Sorry, i can not email you anymore untill i have my inheritance because i have limited time here just because i don't have money to but ticket to browse, i have explained alot to william, so please hurge William to release my Inheritance so that i can have access to money and maybe by then i will be able to by my personal compter and then we can talk as much as we can.

    My Family were happy about the inheritance but the problem now is that there is delay now and because of that my Family were so sad and they can't be happy anymore until we confirm that my inheritance is been released.

    Sorry, i so much love you as i love Randy and i would love to talk to you all the time, meanwhile i still have little time here to check my email and confirm if William have sent me any confirmation of my inheritance wired into the provided account.

    I have to go for now so that i can get more ticket time left to check mail later.

    That is sad. I have printed out the documents and sent them to William. He phoned me to tell me they were incomplete? I filled them out the other day. If you need help reading or understanding the questions I can help.

    Also William can't release anything, he's not in charge of the release of funds. The law is in charge. If you are delayed in getting this money it will only be down to you not finishing your forms. I believe it's out of everyone's hands. Poor or not, you need to get this done so we can see each other in Spain. I was poor once as well. I remember having to walk to school in the blizzard with only cardboard shoes. I was so poor my parents dressed us all in potato sacks. However I remember making the effort to get my life better. Randy was the one who changed it for everyone.

    Please don't delay an longer Faith. The sooner you get this done the sooner you can get your money. You do know what happens if you don't get it completed, the money can go to Steve. Do you want that maniac with resources?

    Email when you can then my dear. Let me know how you're traveling.

    This is about the fourth time in the last month that her money has run out and she will be unable to talk to us.

    You are as nice as Randy, i appreciate your assistant and effort,anyway as i have said earlier that i don't have a penny and i don't even have money to do reprinting of the paper not to talk of scanning and sending them back to William, plus taking new picture will cost some money here,remember i am very poor, but what will be the solution now is that since you know i am expecting money and i just need to do little things to get the money, could you please loan me just $2,000 to get all this done, i mean to use it to take pictures and pay any expenses that will take me to get the paper ready, like printing it out and scanning it, although i can not finish the $2,000 on it but i will have some money left, please if you can loan me i will appreciate it and i will do all i need to get the inheritance and i will pay you back your money once my inheritance is been approved.

    Second option, if you can not loan me then can you receive the Inheritance on my behalf and i will get it from you whenever i am ready? i think this is better than given the money to Steve because William want me to get the Inheritance Fund that is why he has Will that for me.

    So please loan me or help me claim the inheritance since you have all their requirement.

    if you wish to loan me please get the $2,000 sent to my uncle information below through western union money transfer, i would have asked you to send it straight to me but i don't have I.D to receive the money but if you send it as i have instructed you i will be able to get it from my uncle.

    Please get back to me with the below informations after sending the money:

    Sender's Name?
    Sender's Address?
    Amount you sent?
    MTCN #?
    Test Question and Answer?

    I hope you understand this, and if you prefare the second option, no problem because i trust you as i have been trusted Randy.

    Oh my dear how I would love to send you some money for all of this, but when I joined my church 15 years ago we had taken a vow of poverty. We have little money but that is only to get us by for food and bills. Randy was always giving me money but we always gave it away and decided to live a simple life. I've been faithful to my husband and our religion in this regards, and Randy understood that. He was always buying me gifts, but we always sold it and gave to the underprivileged. Our meager income is less than $100 per week. We live in our church and grow our own vegetables. We are very self-reliant. Even my Spanish villa and car is in Randy's name and was part of the will.

    I am waiting on this money from Randy as you are. I can't imagine scanning and printing costing $2000. Plus taking a few photos for your paper work is free. You should know someone with a camera. It's not like your about to collect $2000, you've about to receive $1,400,000.00 - That is a lot of zeros. If someone has quoted you $2000 for these simple items then they are just trying to steal from you. There is no way in the world anywhere someone could possibly think to charge this much. It's criminal! Criminal I tell you!

    In all honesty this should only cost you a few dollars. If that. I suppose it's the small price we pay for such a great reward. Even if I could send $20 I would, but things are very tight for us until all is cleared and the courts have validated and released the funds. I wouldn't dare even ask William for a loan until it was done. It would be a serious conflict of interest. He's a lawyer and handling the legalities of this inheritance. I hope you get this sorted soon Faith, everything hinges on those documents for you.

    Please let me know how you get on and don't believe for 1 second that someone will charge you that much for such simple items.
    I will pray for you tonight and wish you well. If you have the faith, you will find your means.

    Don't miss understand me is not that all the cost of the printing and picture will take me what you have said, no!, apart from that i need some money to do somethings but my main purpose of asking for the money is to use lttle for the printing and scanning and the rest will be in my family account so that we can use money dor some other neccessary things before i receive my inheritance, because it shows in the form that it will also take 14days to get my inheritance after i fill the form, is it true?

    Okay, than you very much, but i have told William to give me the grace till Monday so that i can raise money to do all that, although it is not that cost but when one does not have money everything will be cost, meanwhile i will look for how to sault myself because i can not let this disturb me from getting my inheritance.

    More question i want to ask is that i will need to take 3pictures and i will be holding the code under the paper in each of the pictures and my withness will also do thesame, is that what i am surpose to do or what? is it compulsary that the picture must be passport side?

    Please how many pictures am i surpose to send and could you please send me a sample of what you have done in your's so that i can know exactly what to do because i don't want to make any mistae after all the stress i will be going through to get all that done, i hope you understand me? so indly please send me what you have done in your's, i need exactly what you did as a sample and i will do thesame aswell.

    Please reply me with answers so that i can be more enlighted on this.

    I think it can take up to 14 days. That's only two weeks. Two weeks is nothing if at the end of it you'll never need money again. I guess everyone in your family will have to wait until then. Besides this will be your money and your family can't dictate to you what you do with it. It will be yours. Plus this printing and whatever won't hardly cost anything.

    As for the forms. I have already sent mine back to William. I sent the pictures with them as well. Sorry faith, I don't have them anymore. I think you have to do exactly as the document says. You need to send your identification. A passport, drivers license, or some sort of valid official ID. You and your witness must take pictures of yourselves holding those security phrases. We did them big and I just bundled it up and sent it to William. I think I get my money on Monday, or Tuesday.

    We're very excited.

    At this point she is kinda tired of getting insulted by Penfold and is trying to get money from Bindy. But you could tell that, right? Nigeria is apparently the most expensive place in the world to get photos taken. According to all of my scammers it costs at least $1,000 just to get a simple picture taken.

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    Yes | No
    I'm gonna skip ahead a bit here, because to be honest things had gotten boring. I told Faith that the Will now needed to go before the State judge for approval because Steven caused all of this fuss. I put a new set of requirements on her, including sending me a videotape detailing her relationship to Randy. She kept telling me that this was not necessary, and to release her money RIGHT NOW. I responded as follows:

    Miss Faith

    You do whatever the hell you want to do. After all, you seem to be the one that knows how all of this work. I'm waiting right now to see the governor of the State of Texas to try and get a reprive for a client (that I took pro-bono) who is scheduled to be executed, so I really don't have the time to mess with you. So if you want me to, I'll file what you gave me with the State. The state will then return the forms because they were incomplete, and we'll go through this whole process together. If that's what you want, then that's what we'll do. I really don't give a shit at this point.

    William J. Penfold

    Attorney at Law

    Bindy seems to have got her money with little trouble

    Dear Faith,

    How is everything going today. I miss our little chats. I hope everything is going well today. I have great news my check arrived today. I have never ever seen so much money in my life. Even when Randy would talk about money and his boats, cars and houses, I just never realized how it would make me feel. We're so excited. I want to frame it, or something. We'll be heading off to the bank later today to have it deposited. $55,365,495.77!!!!! WHAT A NUMBER!!!!

    I hope you get yours soon.

    Love, Bindy

    More whining and bitching from Faith about when she is going to receive her money, and Randy is not happy in his grave with all of this. You've seen it all before. Well, once again Penfold is fed up

    Miss Faith
    I called the courthouse today. Judge Judee has reviewed the Will and the recomendation of the lower Probate Court, however before he signs off on the Will and you receive your money he demands to see the following from you:
    - A copy of your last paycheck
    - A letter from your new employer, on company letterhead, detailing your job description and stating that you are an employee as of the date of your employ (I believe that was last week, correct?). This letter should also have your annual salary on it, and should be signed by your new employer.
    - A video of you talking about Randy and what he meant to you. Let's you and I think about what you want to say on the video.
    Once you send me those three things I will forward them onto Judge Judee for his signature, and you will have the money transferred into your accounts within 24 hours. This is truly the final step in the process, and once Judge Judee signs the form the Will is final, and cannot be changed.
    Miss Faith, I hope your appreciate everything everyone has done for you to help you get your inheritance. I have called in favors and pulled strings to get hearing dates moved up. This is normally a 9-12 month process at a minimum, however once you send me the above three items it will have been about four weeks since Randy's death for you to receive your money. This type of speed is unheard of, and it is due to my work and respect for Randy and his wishes. Bindi saved your ass at the Probate Hearing when she rushed in with printouts of what you had written. If not for Bindi you would be up shits creek without a paddle. My point is, an awful lot of people have moved heaven and earth to get you your money quickly.
    Please let me know your thoughts on what it is you want to say in the video. I have some ideas as well. We want to make sure that the video conveys your true feelings towards Randy, and makes it clear to Judge Judee that you and Randy were very much in love, and you have been in great pain every since his death. Meanwhile, please get the copies of your paycheck and the letter written on Company letterhead and send them to me.
    William J. Penfold
    Attorney at Law

    Dear William,

    Here in Nigeria our economy does not allow us to receive paycheck because i have not been working before and i have not receive any check before, i started this work so that i can get ID to claim my Inheritance not that i really want to work because this work does not pay me as i want, so there is no how i can provide my last paid check because i have not been paid before, infact even if they will pay me they can't pay me with paycheck, they will pay me in cash because my Salry is just little money but i will resign as soon as i receive my inheritance and i will start a new business.

    I can get the letter you request for, if only that will be okay.

    I have already emailled you the relationship between I and Randy so if that is not okay you should have told me earlier but now that you are telling me i guess there must be something wrong, well i don't know how to get Video sent to you but why have you choosing to treat me this way? I believe that God will do the best for me, if truely i love Randy.

    Infact i am tierd and i will not send you anything again, if the judge want to know the relationship between i and Randy let him read the paper written i send earlier.

    Good byee and God will Judge everybody one by one.

    This bitch is really pissing me off now. I decide to lay it on thick
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    Yes | No
    Miss Faith
    Let me tell you what happened to me last week. I have spent some time now trying to save the life of a gentleman named James Martinez. Mr. Martinez was on death row in Texas. I say he "was" on death row, as last week the state of Texas executed him by lethal injection.
    I knew this case was a longshot when I took it on, as Texas rarely, if ever, overthrows a death sentence. Still, I felt compelled to try and help Mr. Martinez.
    I filed briefs on the local level. I filed briefs on the district level. I filed briefs with both the State and National Supreme courts. In every case the court refused to hear my argument. As a last ditch appeal, hours before Mr. Martinez was scheduled to be executed, I had a meeting with Governor Perry of the State of Texas. Governor Perry refused to stop the execution.
    When a condemned man is prepared for execution he is moved to an isolated holding cell. From this cell he can see the death chamber. It was there that I had to visit with Mr. Martinez, and deliver the news that he was going to die, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.
    Miss Faith, when I told Mr. Martinez this news I broke down in tears. I felt so helpless. Here was a man who placed his life in my hands, and I let him down. He had every reason in the world to hate me. But he didn't. Mr. Martinez took my hands, and in a calm voice said "That's okay Mr. Penfold. I know you did your very best. Thank you so much for your effort on my behalf."
    Miss Faith I was floored. In spite of the fact that I had failed, and he was a few minutes away from death, he still found the time to thank me. I was then led into the viewing chamber, where I saw them bring Mr. Martinez in, strap him down to the gurney, and insert the I.V. tubing that would carry the deadly chemicals into his bloodstream. When the warden asked Mr. Martinez if he had any last words, he spoke of love. As the chemicals started flow into his veins he looked up at me, smiled, and gave me a "thumbs up." Then his eyes rolled back in his head and he died.
    Miss Faith, I tell you this only to remind you that I have done everything in my power to get you your money quickly, and you fight me at every turn. President Obama signed legislation at the first of the year requiring full FBI background checks on every foreign party that was receiving inheritance money. I found a loophole in this, and due the fact that your relationship with Randy started before the law was signed, you did not have to have a full FBI background check.
    One the one hand I have a man who died, but was thankful. On the other hand I've got a woman who I have bent over backwards to help, yet acts like an ungrateful bitch. How do you think I should feel?
    Miss Faith, judges are like drunken cats. You never really know what they are going to do. I do believe that if you cannot get a pay stub, Judge Judee will accept a pay receipt instead. The letter by your employer is a requirement that we cannot get out of, as is the video. These are requirements made by Judge Judee, not myself. Please do not tell me what is and what is not required. Or if you do, at least wait until you graduate Law School.
    Miss Faith, you mention that God will judge us all. I for one have no fear of meeting my maker in this case. When I do die, and go before God, and I am asked about this whole affair my response will be "One of your creations refused to get off her lazy ass and do a damned thing." I think God will agree with me.
    Miss Faith, if you no longer have any interest in claiming your inheritance, please let me know and I will file Vacate Inheritance forms with the State. Once your claim is vacated your inheritance will then go to Randy's oldest living blood relative, which in this case would be Steve.
    Miss Faith, if you wish to proceed and provide Judge Judee with what he requires let me know, and I will help you. If not, let me know, and I will file the paperwork to turn over your inheritance money to Steve. If you choose to do nothing the money will go to Steve automatically. Just let me know what it is you plan to do. I have gone above and beyond my duty, and I really don't give a shit.

    Dear William,

    Well, i understand all your story and i am ready to claim my inheritance because i have been ever ready since day one, so are you sure that this is the last step again?

    More so what are we going to do about the paycheck as i have already told you that i have not been paid for any job before and even if i would be paid for this job i am doing now i will be paid in cash, because it is just a little amount and my position is not that big position as i am not a graduate.

    Also about the Video, what am i surpose to say in the Video? how am i going to get it sent to you?, i hope you know that i don't have any money to shipp the Video Via any courier service, you better let the judge know so that they can think of any alternative.

    More so, about the letter from my employer, that will not be a problem, so now let me know what you sugest about the 2 other things required by the judge.

    Please i need answers and your urgent response so that everything can be alright ontime because i wish to have my inheritance before the end of this week.

    Thank You Very Much..


    Miss Faith
    As I have told you, this is the final step. Once Judge Judee signs the document your money will be wired to the bank account you provided within 24 hours.
    Miss Faith, if you do not get a paycheck you can send a copy of a cash receipt, signed by your employer, showing the amount of money that was paid to you. This will work.
    As for the video, let me give it some thought. I would love to hear any ideas that you may have.

    Dear William,

    You always reply my mails very early your time, please where exactly are you now? which State are you?

    Well, as i have said i have not work to get paid before so i don't have any paid receipt, i can't lie to you because you are my Lawyer, i must be sincere to you so that you can work with me fine, so what can i use in the replacement of the paycheck apart from the payment receipt, please let this be clear to the judge and ask for what next i can do in replacement of that.

    More so about Video, i can not give any Ideal because i want to please you and the Judge for Future reasons because i would not want a situation whereby you will ask me more thing, so you should be the one to suggest that or you can ask the judge solution to that, i will do anything because it will help me in future.

    Waiting for your urgent reply


    At this point our bait pretty much comes to a close. Someone outed us to her. She found the link on the 419eater board where Nurse Nasty (my cobaiter) and I were posting the bait. We actually held onto her for a little while after that, as we used the story that I was testing Faith’s love for Randy as an excuse. I also ended up having Randy committed, as he went insane. It’s really not that interesting, and our heart wasn’t in it, as we had messed with her for five months at that point. All in all, not a bad bait. I never expected a video, but I was hoping for some charcoal drawings of Lew Perkins. Did not get those, but we got some nice pics as well as a number of bank accounts we were able to get shut down. We also got her to write out her emails with Randy which couldn’t have been easy. I’ll go through my gmail accounts later and see if I can find another bait worth posting

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    Yes | No
    One final thought on this one. In baiting circles it is common to refer to a scammer that you have on the hook as your "pet." It's actually a pretty good analogy. Think of a puppy. With a puppy you provide love, establish who is in control, and provide discipline when needed. This one went on as long as it did because Faith truly believed in the initial lie (Randy), and I established myself as a prick lawyer early on. I was able to provide more than the usual amount of abuse towards Faith for the following reasons:

    - I blamed everything on the law.
    - The $1.4 million carrot we dangled in front of her
    - She had someone there to provide the love. First it was Randy, and once Randy died it was Bindy. Scammers are no different than dogs. If you slap them too much they will bite back. But because Bindy was there to hear Faith's complaints and provide Faith lots of love we were able to keep her on the hook as long as we did.

    Like I said in my first post, this one was especially fun for me because I was able to work with a baiter that is both twisted and brilliant. This guy is a genius, and has gotten pics of scammers that are beyond belief. I'll see if I can find some other baits that are worth posting. Hope you enjoyed this one.

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    Yes | No
    I enjoyed it. It's crazy all the twists and turns these things can take. But, a lot of the stuff you bait them with really can sound believable at the time. Then those things can lead to more outlandish things. You just can't go straight for the outlandish things, it seems you have to gradually get there.

    This one has to be pretty heartbroken. She totally thought she had a whale here. How did it get outed on that site? Another scammer alert them to it?




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